Can I get someone’s criminal history ?

The police department is not allowed to run a criminal history for you. However, you can obtain informational documents through the Washington State Patrol’s WATCH Program.  Here’s the link: Washington Access to Criminal History (WATCH)

What is Skagit 911?

Skagit 911 is Skagit County’s dispatch service. Call 911 to report a crime in progress, or even if it happened in the past.

How do I register my dog and how much does it cost?

To get a registration tag for your dog the cost is $2.00 if spayed/neutered, $10.00 if not fixed and $1.00 if dog is fixed and you are a senior.

1. Get your dog spayed/neutered and Rabies vaccinated

If you are willing to go to NOAH for these procedures, Swinomish Housing will cover the costs. Download the form here or pick one up at the police department.

You must be a tribal member living on the Swinomish Reservation to receive this funding. The pet owner needs to call NOAH at 360-629-7055 to arrange an appointment and will be responsible for animal drop off and pick up.  You are required to notify NOAH 24 hours in advance if you are unable to keep your appointment. If you miss the appointment without giving prior notification you will not receive another. NOTE: The Housing Authority has to pay for the appointment whether you show up or not. If you are a tenant of the Housing Authority and miss an appointment, you will be charged.

2. Submit a dog registration form to the Swinomish Police Department

Download registration here or pick one up at the police department.  Submit the completed form along with payment, proof of spay/neuter and rabies vaccination.

3. Attach dog tag to dog’s collar

If your dog is picked up, you will be notified. This can save you an expensive trip to the Skagit Valley Humane Society to “bail out” your dog.

 I received a traffic ticket on the Swinomish Reservation and cannot find my copy. What should I do? How do I find out about paying my ticket and/or appearing in tribal court?

Your ticket is sent to either Swinomish Tribal Court or Skagit County District Court within 1-3 days.  We can tell you where your ticket was sent, or you can call either court to answer your questions regarding payment. Swinomish Tribal Court 360-466-7217,  Skagit County District Court 360-336-9319

I just discovered that a theft has occurred on my property. What should I do?

Call 911 to report this crime. The Dispatch Center will have an officer contact you.

I think someone next door may be selling drugs at a house near mine. I would like something to be done, but I don’t want anyone to know it was me who reported it.

Help protect our children and others in this community by reporting suspicious and drug using or selling behavior by making an anonymous call to the Healthy Community Tip Line at 360-588-2770. Click here for more details.

Can I get a free infant/child car seat or a child’s bicycle helmet from the Swinomish Police Department?

In years past we have had them available, but not at the current time.  However, watch our website for information on safety education and distribution programs as they become available to tribal members.

How do I know if my child’s car seat is the right size and will protect my child in a crash?

An incorrectly installed child car seat can be a matter of life or death. To have yours checked, contact Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician Stephanie Coffey of the Northwest WA Indian Health Board by calling 360-647-9480 x202.

I think someone has used my bank account number or compromised my identity. What should I do?

Call 911 to report crimes of identity theft. The Dispatch Center will have an officer contact you.